Friday, December 9, 2011

Meryle Dorey in QLD

I have just heard via Drunken Madman that the lies of Meryl Dorey are coming to the Woodford Folk Festival. I have written the following email to the organisers of the festival. You can send your own email to  

For more information on the antics of Meryl take a look at:


I have just heard the Meryl Dorey is attending your festival. I am very concerned for the health of the Woodford and surrounding community if Ms Dorey is given a platform to speak. In her home region, there has been an increased incidence of whooping cough. In 2009 Dana McCaffery died of whooping cough.

As you have no doubt been made aware by now, her opinions on vaccination are fringe at best. They are in fact, outrageous and dangerous. Meryl Dorey is a quack with no qualifications in the field who should never be given a free pass to spread her ignorance.

I urge you to carefully consider what is best for the patrons of your festival.


Phil Kent

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