Monday, December 26, 2011

Join the fun!

OK folks, the pressure is on. Meryl is due to speak at the Woodford Folk Festival on Thursday and I need some volunteers to join in the fun.

You will be needed for less than an hour, to help hand out fliers and make the vaccine message heard.  You are free to enjoy the rest of the festivities how you see fit. I will be going for the full day to make the most of it.

Our activities will be friendly and non-confrontational.

I intend to attend Meryls talk and take what notes I can.

The talk starts at 2:15 in the Blue Lotus room. Get there early if you want to see the talk. If you only want to hand out fliers, you will need to be there by 3:15 for the end of the talk. I would like to meet a couple of volunteers early to distribute fliers and plan.

Additionally, I would like people to bring cameras and video recorders to get peoples reactions after the show.

There will be a little surprise for those attending, which I think will make the effort worth while.

This is your chance to do some real skeptical activism and help save lives. Let’s stop Meryl’s madness.

Buy your ticket online

Shoot me an email, a tweet @skeptimite, sms or call 0417 696 739 to confirm you are coming.

It is time to get off the armchair and enjoy a day out, either that or stick a fork in your eye to dull the pain of Meryl getting away with it!

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