Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CALL TO ACTION - Meryl Dorey at Woodford Fok Festival


OK Folks, it is time to get out of the arm chair and put your skeptic boots on.

As you have probably heard, Meryl Dorey of AVN infamy is booked to speak at the Woodford Folk Festival on Dec 29 and 30.  If you are not aware of the situation check out the @drunkenmadman blog and wiki for the facts and links.

What to do?

Step one:
Email, tweet and phone everyone involved to let them know your concerns. The wiki has links with contact details.

Comment on blogs and web articles. The Mamamia article by Peter Bowditch is a great place to start, with more info and comments.

Also spread the word to your twitter followers, facebook friends and so on.

Step two:
Get to Woodford. We need skeptics on site to record (if legally possible) Meryls talk, take notes and per haps hand out fliers.  I hope that someone very capable will be able to ask Meryl some tough questions in the Q&A.

I am thinking perhaps handing out fliers while wearing t-shirts that say “Vaccines Save Lives” or similar might be the way to go. Skeptics can then answer questions from the public in a calm and rational manner.

At this stage, I hope to be there for both days. I am happy to car pool from Brisbane northside, although I only have a two seater.

All feedback, comments and suggestions welcome.

Please get in touch @skeptimite or phil.kent at bigpond.com


  1. Traffic in and out of Woodford is horrific. Public transport is meant to be better, with buses getting priority on the highway.

  2. The organisers have conveniently arranged shuttle buses from the Caboolture station and from Brisbane. http://woodfordfolkfestival.woodfordia.com/index.php?id=109

  3. Could you post this to the Brisbane SitP site too?

  4. I have posted to the facebook, but have not had time to look at the sitp wordpress site to work out how to use it...