Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skeptimite in the media

I will try to keep a complete list of everywhere I appear in podcasts, newspapers or whatever. I like to call this "Ego Central".

3 Jan 2012 - The Bruising Adventure of Clumsy Girl. Blog - Vaccination Talk at Woodford with video of yours truly.

31 Dec 2011 - The Skeptic Zone Podcast. Daniel Raffaele and I chat with Richard Saunders about the SAVN and Operation Nutcracker

30 Dec 2011 - "Vaccination debate gets heated at Woodford Folk Festival" Article in the Courier Mail online where I am interviewed regard the appearance of Meryl Dorey at the Woodford Folk Festival

29 Dec 2011 - Some of the SAVN crew are interviewed by on the Token Skeptic podcast about our response to Meryl Dorey appearing at the Woodford Folk Festival. While I don't actually feature on the show, I was "the man on the ground" handing out fliers and so on.

19 Dec 2011 - Meryl Dorey is interviewed by Tiga Bayles on 98.9fm, an Indigenous radio station here in Brisbane. I call in to question some of her claims Click here to listen to the podcast A full transcription can be found at ratbags.com with special yellow highlighter to point out where Meryl gets it wrong.

15 Dec 2011 - 4BC with Meryl Dory and Chrys Stevenson. I called in with my cents.

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