Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anti Muslim propaganda

As I write this I am very disturbed.  I just received a forwarded an email from a Christian.

The theme of the email is nothing new to atheists, it concerns ensuring you mark your religious point of view correctly on the census.  In this case, it is aimed at ensuring you state Christian; even if you are not practicing any faith.  As an atheist I encourage you to mark “no religion” if you don’t believe in God/s.

I am disturbed at the bigotry portrayed in the email.  The author clearly has anti-Muslim views. The text of the email is clearly not just aimed at increasing the Christian numbers on the census but also to put Muslims in a bad light.

Terms like “muzzys” and the “muslim threat” are intended to portray Muslims as being of less worth than other Australians.

One of the many things I love about being Australian is the variety of people is nation is made up of.  We get to experience a taste of many cultures that ultimately make Australia what it is now and what it will be in the future.

 The email is copy and pasted in full below.  All grammar and spelling are as I received it.


Re: A MUST READ Census 2011 - please pass this on to all your friends

 The Muslims are organizing for the coming census.

 They feel there are more of them than what has been stated.

 They want a bigger say in how Australia is run.

 Make sure that those of us who care,let the Government know that there are plenty of non-muzzys as well.

 (Try not to declare 'Jedi' or 'Pastafarian' or a belief system that would negate efforts to contain the muslim threat)

 I,for one,do not want to see more mosques,burqas,demands for sharia law,cases of female genital mutilation 'Dalek-like creatures on summer beaches,cruel halal slaughter and other backward practices not needed here in Australia.

  It is really scary to see that the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
 have been campaigning their Muslim followers since 2009/2010 to ensure that
 they complete the census religion question/s in order to "determine
 representation in Australian Federal & State Politics" & "how government
 funds (Federal & State) is spent in the planning & location of services &
 allocation of resources for the Muslim community" , This was downloaded
 from the Australian Federation of Islamic Council's website.

  Please pass this on & don't forget to answer any/all religious question/s as
 "CHRISTIAN" (OR YOUR UPBRINGING FAITH) for all members of your household.


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  1. I wonder if it is backlash to the mark "NO RELIGION" campaign? Beat up a fear of "the other" to stop people who may have ticked no religion.

    Or they're just a bunch of racist, xenophobic, bigoted rednecks.