Friday, April 29, 2011


Based on the current science, we know that homoeopathy does not work.  It is no better than modern day witch craft.  So why do homoeopaths still push their products as being an alternative to medicine?  I suggest the typical homoeopath falls into one of three categories.

1.  The Homoeopath that does not or can not understand the science.  This person reads the available literature, but their ability to grasp the science, see the flaws in bad studies and so on is lacking.  This person might also be mostly reading the “science” that is promoted by other homoeopaths.  Their bias ensures that they will always see positive results but never the negative.  Someone who is unable to understand the evidence for their chosen field is un-qualified to practice in that field.

2.  The Homoeopath that pays no attention to the science, but uses their own experience and insights to guide them.  This person is a faith healer.  Evidence is irrelevant.  This person only responds to positive anecdotes from their own experience and their clients; while glossing over the failures.  This person genuinely believes that homoeopathy works, but for all the wrong reasons.  Faith healers have no business dispensing “medicines”, even placebos.

3. Then there is the Homoeopath that realises that homoeopathy does not work.  This person is intentionally committing fraud.  If you fall into this category, you should be jailed.  You know that your product is a sham and that it has the potential to cause injury or death by delaying or preventing your clients from getting the medical help they need.

I further suggest that the big manufacturers of homoeopathy are well aware that there products are worthless.  So the CEO's of those companies also fall into the third category.

Bottom line, it does not matter which category you put a homoeopath in, they have no business dispensing “medicine” or even giving advice on health issues.

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  1. I read, last night, that there is an orphanage in China that gives their starved and mis-treated children and babies acupuncture... and they scream the whole way through the treatment. I find this tremendously distrurbing.