Saturday, August 4, 2012


Once again I slink out of my skepti-cave to post a rare blog; once again inspired by the ever delightful Meryl Dorey of the Australian (Anti) Vaccination Network. More accurately, this post is inspired by a new facebook group Banned from the AVN?? celebrate it here!!!.  This group was inspired by freedom of speech campaigner Meryl's habit of banning people from her blog and facebook page simply for offering a polite difference of opinion. Virtually every thinking person who has commented on a Meryl controlled page has been blocked from that page; including yours truly. You can get banned for such truly offensive behavior as providing good peer reviewed science that contradicts the AVN's testament.

All this banning must keep Meryl and her minions busy; there are loads of us banees. So some truly gifted person decided there should be a place where we are welcome to tell our stories and really hash out some of the issues around vaccination without fear of getting banned. The real inspiration came when someone said they were BANNINATED! The following parody was immediately obvious and HAD to be done.

There are a great many possible variations of the text, I would love to see you create your own; so I have provided the text free version below for you to go mad with. You can find the terminator font here.

If you do make your own, be sure to shoot me the link in the comments or or @skeptimite

Happy Banninating!


  1. love it! It is now my new desktop wallpaper.

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