Friday, February 17, 2012


G'day beautiful people, it is time to put your skeptical boots on and head over to Hamilton! Anti-vaxxer Stephanie Messenger is putting on a talk linking vaccines to SIDS. Check out the flier:
Location, Location, Location:
The Vaccination and SIDS semi mar on 18/2/12 at 2pm is at Hamilton Town Hall - corner Rossiter Pde and Racecourse Rd Hamilton. Enter via Rossiter Pde door. Call XXXXXXXXX if you have a question. Stephanie
  I have my ticket and will be going along, taking notes and checking things out. I will not be making a fuss during the show.

After the seminar, I plan to hand out the "Five Myths About Vaccinations" flyer. I would love you to join me in the fun.

If you want to help hand out fliers, please show up about 3:45. As soon as the show is over, I will head out side and distribute fliers.

After wards, we might head over to the Hamilton Hotel for a couple of quick ales. Follow @skeptimite for the latest!

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